29 déc. 2006

The shoemaker of dreams

That has been my life's work: striving to learn to make shoes that always fit and the refusal too put my name to any that do not fit. Therefore please look behind the story of the small, barefoot, unlettered boy who became a famous shoemaker, and seek the pleasure you will obtain from walking well. Salvatore Ferragamo

J'ai enfin reçu l'autobiographie de Salvatore Ferragamo. Deux mois pour venir du Canada via airmail. Bel exploit ou mystère du service postal. Enfin comme je ne l'attendais plus c'est une bonne surprise, un cadeau bonus, d'autant que le livre est épuisé.

20 déc. 2006

"Talking shoes"

Marcin Filipowicz, a young Polish photographer, works on a series of portraits of people through their shoes and ask them to define happiness. This glitzy project should be exposed in 2007 in the street (where, when, I don't know yet). The young man seeks funds to make portraits of shoes in Africa, Japan and the United States. I wish him to find them.

12 déc. 2006

Hi, what's the story?

I had a dream © 2006 Miss Glitzy

Fetichism © 2006 Miss Glitzy

4 déc. 2006

Shoe designer in Amsterdam

Hester Van Eeghen © 2006 Miss Glitzy
Next time I'll step in the attractive shop of this designer...
Hester Van Eeghen ** Hartenstraat 1 ** Amsterdam