23 janv. 2007

Michel Perry, Paris

Michel Perry © 2007 Miss Glitzy

Look at the laced boot on the right, amazingly sexy isn't it?

22 janv. 2007


@ Karine Arabian © 2007 Miss Glitzy

Even if I don't have a dime to spend I can't resist when I see shoes. So for the first time I've stepped inside Karine Arabian's boutique, rue Papillon Paris 9ème. The boots I spotted once were not on sales and saved my bank account from bankrupt. I was wise today but what about the next time?

18 janv. 2007

Minna Parikka, Helsinki

I discovered the first collection of Minna Parikka in Iconique Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle ezine from The Netherlands. I like the wit and poetry in the design of those shoes.

Though the head may be high in the clouds, the feet are still firmly touching the ground!

This young designer (she was born in 1980) is based in Helsinki. At the age of 19 she moved to England to study footwear design at the De Montfort University. At 22 she won the title of Young British Glove Designer awarded by the British Glove Association. At 23 she began work as the head designer for an Italian shoe brand called Uroads, based both in Italy and London. Alongside designing she has also worked as a stylist for the fashion industry.

It's always a pleasure for me to discover a new woman designer so take a look at Minna's world and share it with me.

16 janv. 2007

Beatrix Ong, London

When I saw the debut collection of Beatrix Ong at Tranoi Shoes Paris in october 2002, I knew that she would be a major designer. Now celebs wear her shoes on the red carpet and last year the artist Natasha Law (yes Jude's sister) has designed her shoe boxes.

“I design very selfishly. I make shoes that I want to wear, and practicality and comfort are as important as looks. My shoes are designed to be worn all day and into the night; whatever the occasion. My shoes are eclectic but sculptural. I imagine them being worn by a modern-day Cinderella.”

And that's exactly what I want to be when I look at the collections : a modern-day Cinderella. And let's imagine a prince desperatly seeking me...

11 janv. 2007

Autour de l'Atelier de Maurice Arnoult

L'association l'Atelier de Maurice Arnoult a été créée en mars 2005 pour soutenir l'action de Maurice qui depuis près de 20 ans transmet bénévolement son savoir-faire et enseigne le métier de bottier dans son atelier de Belleville. Artisan, philosophe, sa vie est un roman et a d'ailleurs fait l'objet de livres et articles. Son atelier a vu se succéder presque deux générations d'élèves et je ne peux que saluer cette initiative qui tient à ce qu'il demeure un lieu de transmission et de création, dans l'esprit de celui qui l'habite.

D'où cette présentation de modèles du Maître :

Et ceux de certains de ses élèves :

© 2007 Miss Glitzy
Et comme le souligne si justement Estelle Yomeda, une "ancienne", il y a comme un style Arnoult qui se dégage de toutes ses créations. Et pour une vision de Maurice au travail, c'est ICI.

Atelier de Maurice Arnoult
83-85 rue de Belleville 75019 Paris

In March 2005 was created an association to support the action of Maurice Arnoult, an old bespoke shoemaker, who freely pass on his knowledges and craftsmanship in his workshop in Belleville, Paris. Artisan, philosopher, his life is so rich that several books, articles has been written about him. This small exhibition showed models handmade by Maurice and his apprentices, I was so pleased to see him again and to meet some of them that I decided to join the association. As Estelle Yomeda noticed it, there is a Maurice Arnoult's style shown in all these models.