18 janv. 2007

Minna Parikka, Helsinki

I discovered the first collection of Minna Parikka in Iconique Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle ezine from The Netherlands. I like the wit and poetry in the design of those shoes.

Though the head may be high in the clouds, the feet are still firmly touching the ground!

This young designer (she was born in 1980) is based in Helsinki. At the age of 19 she moved to England to study footwear design at the De Montfort University. At 22 she won the title of Young British Glove Designer awarded by the British Glove Association. At 23 she began work as the head designer for an Italian shoe brand called Uroads, based both in Italy and London. Alongside designing she has also worked as a stylist for the fashion industry.

It's always a pleasure for me to discover a new woman designer so take a look at Minna's world and share it with me.

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