22 mars 2007

Shoe Issue

Take a look at the shoe issue on JC Report.

My Aristocratic Feet

Sunbath © 2007 Miss Glitzy
Salvatore Ferragamo discovered that the size of the feet tells a lot about the character and he divided the women who came to him into three categories: the Cinderella, the Venus and the Aristocrat. Cinderella takes a shoe smaller than size six, the Venus takes six, the Aristocrat a seven or larger (those are american fittings). I think that nowadays feet are a little bit larger and longer than in the 40's or 50's due to the wearing of sneakers, but it doesn't really change those three categories. Anyway, my feet say that I'm an Aristocrat (which is almost true, one of my grand grand-mother was an aristocrat). It means that I'm sensitive, even moody, but that I possess a great depth of understanding. And I must admit that it sounds true. Thanks Salvatore.