29 avr. 2007

Phrase du Jour

Some kind of shoes are definitely not made for walking. Pierre Hardy in La mode, la mode, la mode on Paris Première.

And I know it for sure!

24 avr. 2007


On tiptoe © 2007 Miss Glitzy

Drawing lesson...

Naked Legs / Paris

Hot spring suite © 2007 Miss Glitzy

Shoes du Jour

Hot spring © 2007 Miss Glitzy

Does someone know who designed them???

12 avr. 2007

Trace of the Past / Bruxelles

Orthopédics © 2007 Miss Glitzy
A shop, rue Haute, which seemed abandoned. I thought of Charles Bovary and the shoe fetishism of Gustave Flaubert when I saw this window with all thoses strange models of orthopedic shoes.

Vintage Shoes / Amsterdam

© 2007 Miss Glitzy

11 avr. 2007

In a Glimpse

Female © 2007 Miss Glitzy
Shot in a street of Amsterdam, just in a glimpse.