28 sept. 2007

Estelle Yomeda - Part Two

Some picks at Estelle Yomeda's Fall/ Winter's collection, available at the boutique.

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25 sept. 2007

Sheer Stockings

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Fall is coming time to buy stockings!

23 sept. 2007

The Declic

Un ami vient de m'envoyer cette photo, prototype de sandale aux talons pliables, imaginé par Ella Kilgour. Projet de fin d'études, il date de 2004 et bien qu'elle ait signé un partenariat avec un fabricant, je n'ai jamais entendu parlé de la mise en vente d'un tel modèle. L'idée est séduisante, la mise en oeuvre semble plus compliquée.

A friend sent me this picture of an interesting prototype designed by Ella Kilgour in 2004 . The sandal has a three-inch foldaway high heel wich can be a solution when you're fed up to walk or dance with heels. She signed a partnership with Faith, a UK shoe company but it seems that there are some difficulties to make the prototype a viable reality. I'll keep an eye on it.

Article in english here

Photo : Brunel University

21 sept. 2007

Spare Me!

Thank God Fall is coming so we wouldn't have to see those distasteful Crocs shoes in the street anymore, even if I know that some people wouldn't mind wearing it with socks! Even the Birkenstocks look sexy compare to those things. At least they should have stayed on the beach where they meant for. Honestly I'd rather walk barefoot on the burning sand than wearing such an ugly pair of shoes, and by the way, can we call them shoes?

20 sept. 2007


Thrilled by the encounter of David Lynch's universe and the fetishistic creations of Louboutin, I was waiting impatiently for the opening of the "Fetish" exhibition. But the gallery was closed and I found this note sticked on the window :

(Opening the third of October instead of the 20th of September)

What does it mean? Bug in communication, false press release, marketing tricks? I just can't stand this propensity of announcing events, books and films release, "must have" items, fifteen days at three weeks before we can get it. I was patient when I was younger, now I save money. "It's now or never" (marketing gurus should think about it) and it's so damn true. I don't know where I'll be in October, and if I see this exhibition it will be on the way to Louboutin's boutique where I spotted a pretty TagArt style's pair of ballerinas. We can't blame the artists, cant' we?

19 sept. 2007

Looking for Cinderella

I received the Levine's (see below Birthday Present) today and as I expected these red and black shoes are stunning but too small for my large feet (grüng!). A 8AAA in the 50's, which is really narrow, must fit a nowadays 6 (american size). So I'm just like the Prince seeking desperately the perfect girl and the perfect feet to try them on coz I'm feeling like shooting them walking down the street.

17 sept. 2007


© 2007 Miss Glitzy

"Come to us, Lady", said the shoes, and we will make you beautiful too. We alone can make you blossom and flourish into a glorious and whole and COMPLETE Human Being."

The Shoes of Salvation by Edward Monkton

11 sept. 2007


For those who desperately want to know what kind of shoes celebs wear on the red carpet take a look at Shoebunny. It's impressive. Manolo moved from blogspot to a new website. He loves shoes more than ever and keeps sharing it in his funky way. Enjoy!

9 sept. 2007

Beth and Herbert Levine : Birthday Present

See that beautiful pair of vintage 1950's shoes I bought on eBay yesterday. Well, I finally got a Beth and Herbert Levine's creation for my collection and find it a glitzy and kinky way to begin my forties. I've already two bags and a purse designed by Beth Levine but shoes are much more exciting. I have to wait for them to cross the ocean but be sure that you're gonna see them again on this blog or elsewhere.