20 sept. 2007


Thrilled by the encounter of David Lynch's universe and the fetishistic creations of Louboutin, I was waiting impatiently for the opening of the "Fetish" exhibition. But the gallery was closed and I found this note sticked on the window :

(Opening the third of October instead of the 20th of September)

What does it mean? Bug in communication, false press release, marketing tricks? I just can't stand this propensity of announcing events, books and films release, "must have" items, fifteen days at three weeks before we can get it. I was patient when I was younger, now I save money. "It's now or never" (marketing gurus should think about it) and it's so damn true. I don't know where I'll be in October, and if I see this exhibition it will be on the way to Louboutin's boutique where I spotted a pretty TagArt style's pair of ballerinas. We can't blame the artists, cant' we?

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