18 févr. 2008

Shoe Addicts : Objet de Fantasmes

En lisant ce matin l'article de Libération consacré à la traduction française de Shoe Addicts (sic), roman de Beth Harbison, je me suis dit qu'à tous les coups les magazines féminins allaient nous en faire la chronique. Ils ne se sont pas foulés chez Fleuve Noir, même couleur rose Barbie, même typo, même escarpins rouges dans leur petite boite, le public est clairement ciblé. Le pitch: quatre femmes d'horizons différents mais qui ont en commun la même pointure et la même addiction se retrouvent toutes les semaines pour échanger leurs objets de désir et fantasmes et au fil du temps révéler leurs secrets les plus intimes. Comme j'étais dans le coin, j'ai fait un saut chez Smith pour acheter la version originale que je n'ai évidemment pas trouvée. Et ce n'est pas plus mal car je peux ainsi continuer en toute quiétude mes propres histoires concernant cet accessoire fantasmatique. Et j'ai à lire un autre roman, The Shoe Queen d'Anna Davis, une histoire de rivalité féminine autour d'un créateur excentrique à Paris dans les années 20, et qui promet d'être délicieusement kitsch.

As I read this morning in a French newspaper an article about the translation in French of Beth Harbison's novel "Shoe Addicts Anonymous", I thought that every women's magazines are gonna tell us about it. The French publisher kept the tittle except for "Anonymous" as we use to call ourselves "Shoe addict" even in France. But he didn't change the cover. It's the same Barbie pink, the same typography and little red pumps in the box, which clearly target the audience. The pitch : four different women who shared the same shoe size and lust for fabulous footwear. They meet Tuesday nights to trade shoes, become friends and share their intimacy and problems. As I was near Smith, the English bookstore, I stopped by in order to find the original one but couldn't find it. And finally I prefer that because I can keep on writing freely my own stories about this accessory of desire. Furthermore I've got another novel to read, "The Shoe Queen" written by Anna Davis, a story about the rivalry between two women addicted to luxurious footwear in Paris during the twenties, and an eccentric shoe designer for whom they will die for. Surely it's gonna be deliciously kitschy.

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Anonyme a dit…

Well, I really enjoyed reading this french translation of Shoe Addicts. Nicely written! And so what, if they did'nt change the cover! At least it's easy to spot. The inner cover, with all these sexy shoes would have been more satisfying, though...

Anonyme a dit…

hey! so did I !!!!
Shoe Addicts and I must agree... all these beautiful merveilles on the inner cover are much more appealing to my little faiblesse!
but the book is worth the read ! I did have a lot of fun doing it in french... une vraie parisienne, now!


Thanks for your comments. I don't know if I'm going to read it in French but maybe because I just can't find it in English.

Anonyme a dit…

I am the author and your site came to me through a Google alert. It's fun to see a picture of the book on display, as I am not in or near France to see it in person!

Thanks for the kind words!!!

Beth Harbison