18 oct. 2008


Parfois les parisiennes sont très pressées.
Sometimes Parisian girls are in a hurry.

Je ne sais pas si c'est l'effet de la rétrospective Jacques Villeglé au Centre Georges Pompidou, mais je vois de plus en plus d'affiches arrachées dans le métro qui me font irrémédiablement penser à son oeuvre. D'où cette photo. Aucun rapport avec les shoes mais j'ai aussi d'autres centres d'intérêts. Néanmoins, je ne sais toujours pas quelle paire choisir pour aller danser ce soir. Bonne soirée, bon dimanche et à lundi.

I don't know if it's because the Jacques Villeglé's retrospective at the George Pompidou Center but I see more and more torn advertisements in the subway that reminds me of his work. As you can see with this picture which has nothing to do with shoes. But I do have a lot of interets besides shoes even if right know I still don't know which pair I'm gonna wear at the party tonight. Have a great evening, Sunday and see you on Monday.

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Anonyme a dit…

Wow! I just read an article in the "New York" magazine about this guy they call Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway Advertisement Mutilation. He's incredible! Have fun at the party!

Ella Gregory a dit…

I love the fuzzy photo.

Couture Carrie a dit…

Adore this post!
I am delighted to be introduced to a new artist. I haven't been to the Pompidou Ctr. for over ten years . . . it's high time I made it back to Paris for shoes and ART!



@ gerriward : Yes, his work is really interesting and quite modern when he started.
@ coco : thank you.
@ couture carrie : Thank you and I think it's time you come back here!

M1 a dit…

c'est ce qui fait le charme des parisiennes, elle sont pressées mais elles savent prendre le temps ;)


@ m1 : c'est effectivement cela!