4 nov. 2008

Amsterdam by Night

So let's go for a ride in Amsterdam where I arrived around 6 pm on Saturday. Rainy but not so cold, I went straight from the Central Station to my hotel (not this one) to check in and put my stuff in my room.

And decided to take a pumkin soup, a bagel with salmon and a glass of white wine before getting out for a walk.

A leather coat, my lovely black leather hat from Hermès and my camera, ready to take some photos of this urban move.

Stranger in the night, that's how I felt even if I heard a lot of people speaking French... but it was cool to be there and I had a great time rambling in the streets.

I was near the Red District Light, crowded streets but...

... fleeting silhouettes.

That's one of Amsterdam's whiff, a mix between sweet weed and the sour smell of the fried food. During the day the Red Light District is a pretty gloomy area but at night there is some kind of an atmosphere in these dark streets and canal lit by neon signs. I was in a David Lynch mood.

When I got back to my hotel I saw this bike. Love the light on it.

Well, a strange view from my window.

Call me a maniac. I brought with me the story of André (French footwear company) and found this great book about Vintage Shoes at the American Bookstore. That was my treat!

5 commentaires:

Reena Rai a dit…

Awesome pictures, they are very atmospheric. I particularly like the bike pic

~Marie~ a dit…

Wonderful pics!!!! I felt like I was there..sort of.

Anonyme a dit…

How exciting! Lucky you, I luv the way the photos have this magnetic feel to them. They're sooo hypnotising, especially the Change photo.

M1 a dit…

Très belle série Miss Glitzy! j'adore particulièrement la photo du vélo, une sublime lumière et une très belle ambiance!
Sinon une photo de la campagne Obama s'est glissé dans cette série, sauras-tu la retrouver? :)


@ *fashion dreamer* : Thank you very much. Love the bike too, so Amsterdam...
@ ~marie~ : thanks, if it's what you feel when you look at them, that's great.
@ gerriward : Well Change is the key word!
@ m1 : c'est ce que j'aime la nuit. Pour la photo, une manière inconsciente de marquer mon soutien...