8 août 2009

Circle Of Friend

I received this lovely award from Gerri who does everyday an incredible job on her blog, Shoes From Around The Globe, finding a quote and artwork that always match perfectly with a shoe.

I tag all my fellow bloggers and especially:

Accro de la Mode
Bloc Mode
Chic & Kitsch
The Shoe Girl
Doucement le Matin
Fashion Moment
Sarah Babille
Smarty Zabou
The Mariga'Z Bulle

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

8 commentaires:

mariga(z) a dit…

oh ! Merci :)
Toi aussi, je te souhaite un excellent WE !

Gerri Ward a dit…

Miss Glitzy, comments as delightful and sweet as this one are the reason I continue to blog! THANK YOU for YOU are such an INSPIRATION!!!

M1 a dit…

Bon week-end miss glitzy ! : )

sofiasophie a dit…

Et tu as raison, le blog de Gerri est Fantaaaastique!

Frieda l'écuyère a dit…

Merci !

Sarah a dit…

Mais mais ... merci poupatze !!

Anonyme a dit…
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eda a dit…