30 oct. 2009

The Last Snapshots from Antwerp

So it was 15 days ago that I left for this fashion week-end organised by the Antwerp Tourism Office, and this post is going to be the last one. Some snapshots taken on the Sunday that I wanted to share with you.

On the morning, we all met at Wattman, a cosy and friendly place where we had hot drinks before taking a walk around the city.

I like this kind of place where you can find newspapers or magazines and games to keep the kids quiet and busy while you sharing time with friends.

I think we all took pictures of Tanguy Ottomer's lovely dog. Tanguy was our insider guide for this Sunday morning tour, he knows his city by heart and it was really fantastic to be with him.

We started with a walk in Zurenborg area and the streets around Cogels- Osylei to admire a block of famous and preserved Art Nouveau architecture. From there we went from a district to another until a delicious lunch at Lux. I didn't have a lot of photos as I forgot in Paris the device to load the battery of my camera and had to keep power for the Delvaux's exhibition in the afternoon.

Wonder if when I'll come back there will be more shoes stuck there?

Modenatie opened in September 2002 and houses the ModeMuseum (MOMU), the Flanders Fashion Institute and the Fashion department of Hogeslschool Antwerpen as well as a restaurant and a bookshop.

Susie working in the lobby of the Lindner Hotel conveniently located in the rear of the Antwerp Central Station.

Well I hope you enjoyed those reviews about Antwerp. I couldn't end this journey without showing you some views of the renovated Antwerp Central Station, which deserves according to Newsweek, the 4th place as world's most beautiful stations.

I keep all the Antwerp guide I got during this week-end for a next trip as there is so many things that I couldn't visit. I wrote some reviews on TripAdvisor and there's always the Facebook Page dedicated to Antwerp-City of Fashion.

I'll go back to shoes pretty soon because I guess you miss it a little bit. See you guy and have a wonderful Friday!

4 commentaires:

Little Style Box a dit…

J'adore Anvers, c'est un endroit génial pour le shopping !

Susana Rodrigues a dit…


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Frieda l'écuyère a dit…

Tu me donnes juste envie de retourner à Anvers, il m'en reste à découvrir !


@ Little Style Box: je suis tout à fait d'accord!!!
@ The Stiletto Effect: thank you!
@ Frieda l'Ecuyère: moi aussi! Je suis loin d'avoir tout vu!