23 oct. 2009

You Need To Go To Hospital!

Hospital was one of the place we should have found during the Fashion Hunt but unfortunately we didn't reach the Antwerp South district on time. Anyway, I managed to visit this amazing 1200 square metres open space on different levels that actually is housed in the former stabbles of the Antwerp Hippodrome that no longer exists.

This multi-labels luxury concept store offers a wide range of belgian and international designer brands, such as Viktor & Rolf, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Tim Van Steenbergen and Sonia Rykiel, displayed side by side with trendy French, Italian and Scandinavian labels, such as Paul & Joe, D&G and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Diesel Denim Gallery, Karl Lagerfeld, or Raf Simons. As for the accessories, I was once again attracted by A.F. Vandervorst's bags.

As you can see, the space is wide enough to display a vintage car and I learn on the website that car changes every month and is also for sale!

If by any chance you can't find what you need in the clothes and accessories selection, there is also a wine bars where you can buy selected quality wines.

As a shoe maniac, I was of course attracted by the display of the new Camper Together collaboration with four designers. I'm really not into Camper actually but how can I ignore such a collection. The red C-Shoe designed by Maria Blaisse is pretty interesting, check on her website how it fits.

A bootie by Alfredo Häberli, a designer from Zurich, perfect for the rainy days...

Jaime Hayon who already designed Camper's stores around the world, imagined what looks like a fine comfy boot inspired by the boxing shoes. And I particularly liked Bernhard Willhelm's models you can see below.

As Hospital was also one of the place where we could spend our vouchers (I had already used mine at Elsa), check here what Steve chose.

As for Tony, after trying several pair of shoes, he opted for this shiny Officine Creative shoes, a choice I totally approve!

As I learnt when I was there, the adjoining restaurant and wine bar, The Glorious, also belongs to Hospital's owner and pretty soon a luxury bed and breakfast with three distinctive rooms will open. Surely a fine place to spend a week-end in one of the trendiest Antwerp's districts.

Check on the Facebook Page what my fellow bloggers thought about Hospital.

de Burburestraat 4, 2000 Antwerp
tel. + 32 (0)3 311 89 80

The Glorious @ Hospital
de Burburestraat 4a, 2000 Antwerp
tel. + 32 (0)3 237 06 13

7 commentaires:

M1 a dit…

C'est même une "urgence" d'y aller ! Pour une fois que c'est un plaisir d'aller à l'hosto : )
Y a des vendeuses habillées en infirmières? : )
Un sacré temple du luxe qui se permet le.. luxe d'une superbe Porsche 356B cabriolet de 1963, très rare !

ema a dit…

ouh là là, ça s'est modernisé. all in english. ok girl, ok


@ M1: non les vendeuses ne sont pas habillées en infirmières!!! Merci pour l'identification de la voiture!
@ Ema: le all in english ça concerne juste les articles sur Anvers, avec une traduction en français, ils sont trop longs et en plus, ils sont publiés sur une page Facebook où tout est en anglais, plus simple. Mais je n'abandonne pas le français!!!

mariga(z) a dit…

Je veux bien tomber malade.... qu'on m'emmène vite à cet Hospital ^^
J'ai suivi toutes ces collaboration Camper et pour l'instant, si ce n'est que ça reste louable pour la marque de tenter de se renouveler, je n'en ai pas trouver une qui me donne encore envie d'acheter des Camper....La collaboration avec Hormis le fait que ce sont des chaussures très confortables (en général...) La collaboration avec M. Blaisse est intéressante niveau design, mais "fashionement parlant", ça me laisse dubitative ... Tu as essayé ces C-shoe ?

sofiasophie a dit…

ça fait envie!

Ilse a dit…

I'd go with the Bernard Wilhelm's as well. lovely collection!


@ Mariga(z): ils ont vraiment des boutiques assez allu à Anvers. Je n'ai pas essayé les C-shoe, donc je ne sais pas... le problème souvent avec les designers qui ne connaissent rien à la fabrication de chaussures, c'est que le design est beau, mais la chaussure inconfortable ou bien elle baille.
@ Sofiasophie: c'est assez impressionnant!
@ Ilse: interesting in fact!