24 nov. 2009

Before the Hermès Show

Nothing better on a grey and chilly November day than a little Fashion week flashback!

En ce jour gris de novembre, j'avais envie d'un petit retour vers la Fashion week!

Grace Coddington knows how to be comfy and uses a simple cell phone!

From left to right, Emmanuelle Alt, Mlle Agnès and a friend.

Garance Doré also wearing flats!

Fashion addicts!

And as usual, those who are late and need to run!

9 commentaires:

www.janetteria.com a dit…

I love the first Hermes! :)


brin de fantaisie a dit…

Que j'aime la première photo (exactly like janetaylor). Peut-être parce qu'en ce moment je suis dans le rouge !

Lost In laneways a dit…

J'aime le rouge pétant du Hermès, superbe !

M1 a dit…

Les plus belles shoes et la plus belle pose reviennent incontestablement à "a friend" ! superbes chaussures !

Gerri Ward a dit…

OMG! What a way to brighten up a GLOOMY day that RED Hermes bag is solely BRILLIANT!:))


@ janettaylor, brin de fantaisie, Lost in laneways, Gerri Ward: I know! The bright red of this Birkin is amazing!
@ M1: je crois que je préfère la pose d'Emmanuelle Alt et j'aime beaucoup les Chloé de Mlle Agnès...

Thalía Calviño a dit…

I agree with the others when saying the red croc Hermès is superb!: The size, colour and texture.

And I adore the wild skirt with those gorgeous Givenchy booties.

And... Do you know the designer on the 4th photo? Those "lace" high heels are wonderful!

... a dit…

J'ai les bottines rouges assorties au sac Hermés sur Easy Fashion !


Easy Fashion Paris


@ Taranis: no I don't but as it was Emmanuelle Alt, maybe Balmain?
@ Fred: je vais aller voir ça tout de suite!